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Video Conference Rules for Our Class Meetings

:!: These rules are continuous subject to change! Please inform yourself regularly by coming back to this place!

(2020-04-20, V001)

  1. We start our live video conferences in a virtual meeting room on a Jitsi server.
  2. I have to be the first participant in the meeting room to become moderator. I need this role allows to be able to switch off your microphones and cameras.
  3. :!: 15 minutes latest before class I will announce the server and meeting name as well as the password required to enter the room. :!: Check for messages regulary!
  4. Currently (as of 2020-04-20) I will announce the meeting details via the following communication channels
    1. Moodle Forum,
    2. Discord.
  5. As long as you do not want to talk switch off your microphone. Do not start talking without being invited to. Jitsi allows you to raise your hand by pressing a dedicated button.
  6. Generally I will try to record the live session for you for later use. Not all Jitsi servers provide this capability. These video recordings are primarily for internal use. We will share a non-public link to the videos. The rights on the videos belong to me. In case personal rights are affected or privacy concerns exist from you or from me, we will not make the videos publically available. In case I would like to publish parts of the videos and you are concerned (e.g. your camera is switched on and your face is visible) I would clearify the situation with you and delete the sequences from the video if necessary.
  7. You are not allowed to publish the videos unless I allow you to do so! You would violate my personal rights as well as my copyright! I have to be able to keep control!
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